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Royal Enfield Classic 350 -Black – 2023

₹1999.00 /day

Iconic and Timeless Design

Powerful and Smooth Engine

Comfortable Riding Posture

More Details

Royal Enfield Classic 350 in sleek black: A timeless masterpiece combining classic elegance with modern performance. Enjoy smooth rides with robust engine power, superior braking, and unparalleled comfort.

KTM Duke 200 – 2022

₹1999.00 /day

Aggressive and Sporty Design

High-Performance Engine

Superior Ride Quality

More Details

Experience the thrill with KTM Duke 200. Its powerful engine, lightweight design, and ABS ensure a ride that’s as exhilarating as it is safe. Perfect for those who crave speed and agility on every journey.

Yamaha FZ-S V3 – 2023

₹1199.00 /day

Aggressive and Stylish Design

Advanced Engine Performance

Enhanced Riding Comfort

More Details

Unleash the thrill with Yamaha FZ-S V3 – 2023. Its powerful BS6 engine, sharp design, and ABS ensure a blend of exhilaration, style, and safety, making every ride an unforgettable adventure.

Hero X Pulse 200 4V – 2022

₹1499.00 /day

Off and On-Road Capabilities

Modern and Robust Design

Advanced Engine Performance

More Details

Conquer any terrain with Hero XPulse 200 4V. Its powerful engine, off-road readiness, and advanced safety features make it perfect for adventurers and daily commuters seeking thrill and reliability.

Royal Enfield Himalayan – 2022

₹1999.00 /day

Robust All-Terrain Capabilities

Torquey and Reliable Engine

Comfortable seat design

More Details

Embark on any adventure with the Royal Enfield Himalayan. Its robust engine, all-terrain capabilities, and comfortable ergonomics make it perfect for both off-road escapades and smooth city rides.

KTM Adventure 390 – 2023

₹2999.00 /day

Advanced Performance

Superior Handling and Stability

Comfortable for Long Journeys

More Details

Unleash the thrill with KTM Adventure 390. Its powerful engine, advanced technology, and off-road capabilities make it perfect for explorers seeking adrenaline-packed rides with utmost safety and comfort.

Hero Splendor plus – 2023

₹699.00 /day

Exceptional Fuel Efficiency

Comfortable for Daily Use

Reliable and Durable

More Details

Hero Splendor Plus: A blend of remarkable fuel efficiency and enduring performance. Its comfortable ride, eco-friendly engine, and user-friendly features make it the ideal daily companion for the smart commuter.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X – 2019

₹1499.00 /day

Classic Retro Styling

Long-Distance Riding

Robust Engine Performance

More Details

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X: Where classic meets contemporary. Enjoy long rides with its comfortable seating, robust engine, and reliable braking. It’s the perfect blend of heritage and modernity for the discerning rider.

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